When you walk through Westminster and admire the impressive white stone that comprises the Palace of Whitehall, there’s a good chance part of what you’re looking at was supposed to be a Tudor college in Ipswich.

Cardinal Wolsey, who set up many of the Oxford colleges, wanted to add some fifteen feeder colleges in diocese around England, the main one was to be in Ipswich, his hometown.

The college in Ipswich was to be built upon the site of the Priory of SS Peter and Paul and to this end the priory was duly dissolved; providing both space and funds toward the building of Wolsey’s proposed school. Building of the college began including the now cherished ‘Wolsey’s Gate’ that was only ever supposed to be a small entrance for people arriving by water.

The rise of Anne Boleyn led to Wolsey’s downfall, and the college was never completed.

St Peter’s By The Waterfront, a church connected to the gate, is now a year-round concert venue, undergoing extensive renovations. Find out more at their website.

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