unravelling thread at ipswich art school gallery


Unravelling Thread was a special event at Ipswich Art School Gallery on 3rd March 2016. Arranged to coincide with the Arts/Science/Life exhibition at the Gallery, archaeologist Lucy Walker and artist Robert Pacitti explored a variety of issues relating to the representation of artifacts in art and heritage contexts. By discussing their short film Thread they also considered the historical work of archaeologist Nina Francis Layard, whose Anglo-Saxon finds in the Ipswich area underpin the project.

In 1906 archaeologist Nina Frances Layard excavated an Anglo-Saxon burial ground at Hadleigh Road in Ipswich. The contents of the graves suggested that the site was a Pagan cemetery of the 6th century. It was discovered during a Borough Council employment project to level the ground in anticipation of new housing development, and Layard worked hard in the face of many practical difficulties, to recover and record as many of the burials as possible.

As a woman, Ms. Layard was unable to deliver a lecture to The Society of Antiquaries in London, or even be seen to be present when her paper was given to the assembled audience of men. So she stood behind a curtain whilst John Evans gave her paper about her excavations.

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Photo: Thread film still © Pacitti Company 2016