Aerial shot of Ickworth depicting Spring Cleaning at Ickworth


Every year, as the seasons transition from winter into spring, it’s time for a deep clean to clear away the cobwebs at Ickworth. And to mark the house undertaking this annual task, a wide range of activities are planned to show how they keep the house in peak condition.

In 2016, a new trail opened for children that explored the variety of creepy crawlies that threaten the conservation of National Trust properties across the country. Visitors were able to learn more about the pests which can cause havoc in the care of historic houses, and could follow the children’s trail around the Rotunda while spotting cuddly versions of carpet beetles, moths and woolly bears hidden amongst the decor.

And once the trail is complete, visitors can learn some top tips from the House Team at Ickworth. As they uncover the Rotunda for the spring discover how the routines of housekeeping have evolved over the years. They’ll be comparing how Ickworth was looked after when the Hervey family lived there to how the Conservation Team work today caring for the building and collection.

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