Southwold Jack


Southwold Jack is one of the country’s best-preserved 15th century wooden figures. The little man is a ‘clock-jack’ and resides in St Edmund’s Church, Southwold, striking the bell on special occasions to inform the congregation when to stand.

Dressed in armour from the War of the Roses, he strikes the bell using a battleaxe.

He is Adnams’ oldest trademark, dating back to 1912, and a replica of him stands on a ledge high up on the brewery wall, watching over the delivery trucks and pallets of beer barrels as they roll past. They chose him as an emblem to emphasise their connection with Southwold, and you can still see his likeness on bottles of Southwold Bitter, over 100 years on.

For more information visit the Adnams website.

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Photo: Spencer Means (Flickr)