UFO Rendlesham


Since the 1980s, UFO hunters and conspiracy theorists from all over the world have come to Suffolk in search of answers. Why? Because in 1980, on the night after Christmas, several people in a small forest on the Suffolk coast witnessed one of the most infamous UFO events Britain has ever known.

At around 3am a strange glowing object, described as metallic in appearance and triangular in shape, about two metres high, lit up Rendlesham Forest. The hovering craft was witnessed by five USAF officers at nearby RAF Woodbridge before it flew off into the trees. It was seen an hour later, throwing off glowing particles before breaking into five separate white objects and flying off. Other objects were seen in the sky for over an hour. The next day three depressions were found in the ground where the craft landed and radiation levels were higher than usual.

All this was recorded by Lieutenant Colonel Charles Halt in an official report that was backed up by several other servicemen and made available to the public in 1983. However, senior officers rubbished these claims, which immediately led to claims of conspiracies and cover-ups. The argument has gone back and forth for decades and you can read more about it here.  

And if you want to pay a visit to Rendlesham Forest to see for yourself, you can plan your visit with The Suffolk Coast.