Ranworth Church


The Parish Church of Saint Helen in Ranworth, Norfolk contains three special artefacts, any one of which would grace the finest churches in the land.

The first of which is the Ranworth Antiphoner. Kept safe in a bullet-proof glass case, it’s an illuminated singing book, produced at Langley Abbey and used at the church, long before the Reformation. It disappeared for three hundred years before resurfacing in the 1850s in a private collection. It was then bought and returned to Ranworth in 1912.

A huge Rood screen stretching across the entirety of the church is possibly the best example of its kind in the region. And the Cantor’s desk, situated in the middle of the nave, is almost unique in its construction.

The church itself is just 200 metres from Ranworth Broad, and visitors can moor up below the church, so visitors are just as likely to arrive wearing life jackets as they are more usual attire.

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Photo: Craig Rodway (Flickr)