poetic landscape exhibition at gainsborough's house sudbury


In March 2016, Poetic Landscape, a new exhibition at Gainsborough’s House, examined the work of the visionary and innovative painter and printmaker Samuel Palmer who, like Gainsborough drew inspiration from the landscape.

In the 17th and early 18th century, landscape painting in Britain was seen as a lowly form of art. Topographical images of the period, which were often produced by mapmakers and surveyors, were commissioned to document an actual scene or a place rather than to express an artistic vision.

Following on from Gainsborough’s groundbreaking work in the genre, Samuel Palmer (1805-1881) pushed landscape painting in Britain to a new level of creativity. Born 17 years after Gainsborough’s death, Palmer is considered to be one of the greatest British artists of the Romantic period.

This exhibition, which was brought together with the help of Edward Twohig, was a rare opportunity to see a complete collection of Samuel Palmer’s etchings and through his work, learn about the process.

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Photo: Gainsborough’s House