Julian of Norwich was an English anchoress whose work, Revelations of Divine Love,  is the first book in the English language known to have been written by a woman.

Very little is known about Julian’s life; in fact, Julian wasn’t her actual name – she was given this name as her cell was built on the wall of the Church of St. Julian in Norwich. Many historians believe she was born in 1342 to a privileged family in Norwich, and became an anchoress in her thirties.

During this time, Julian of Norwich suffered from a severe illness, and had a number of intense visions. She wrote about the visions immediately, and this became the first version of Revelations of Divine Love. Over the next thirty years, Julian attempted a more in-depth theological exploration of the visions, which became known as The Long Text, consisting of 86 chapters, and approximately 63,500 words.

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