Julia Blackburn is a British author of both fiction and non-fiction. She is the daughter of poet Thomas Blackburn and artist Rosalie de Meric.

Blackburn’s most popular book, The Three of Us, tells the story of her bohemian upbringing. It is the story of three people: Julia Blackburn, her father Thomas and her mother Rosalie. Thomas was a poet and an alcoholic, who for many years was addicted to barbiturates; Rosalie, a painter, was sociable and flirtatious. After her parents were divorced, Julia’s mother took in lodgers, always men, on the understanding that each should become her lover.

Threads: the Delicate Life of John Craske was released in 2015 to great critical acclaim. The book explores the life of Norfolk-born fisherman-turned-artist John Craske, and the mysterious ‘stupors’ that laid him out for weeks and ultimately months at a time.

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Many of Julia’s books are fixated on minute details of East Anglian life. Explore the places that inspired some of Julia Blackburn’s greatest works at Visit East Anglia.