A ROOM FOR ALL OUR TOMORROWS is part of DanceEast's Spring 2016 season


As part of DanceEast’s One Night Stands in April 2016, Igor and Moreno returned to the Jerwood DanceHouse with A Room For All Our Tomorrows.

There are two people in this dance performance, but it is not just about them. It is about all of us. It is about the secret lives we all possess when we are close to others. It is about those moments – between coffee and dancing – when harmony abandons us and all we have left is the desire to scream. It is a performance about place to imagine how things might be other than the way they are. It is a simple room for all our tomorrows.

The show was followed by a free Dialogue Club, which gives audiences the opportunity to discuss the show and feedback thoughts as freely as possible.

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